Leave the care of your pet to us

We help out when you have to be away, unlike a pet hotel, we will visit your home and take care of your pet in its usual environment.


We will visit your home in advance to meet and talk. If you have any concerns, please ask and we will do our best to fulfill your requests.


Unknown staff going to your house to care for your pet will never happen. The staff in charge will take care of things responsibly.


Our business has grown surrounded by the smiles of pets and their owners, with much support from everyone in the Chiba area.


When you are planning your travels, or wondering if you should leave your pet at a pet hotel, please feel free to contact us.


At Pet Sitter Maonote we regularly have questionnaires.
We aim to improve our services by listening to our customers' opinions.

I requested a pet sitter for the first time and initially I had some anxiety. But it soon turned into peace of mind, thank you for understanding Mimi's character and behavior even more than her owner. A pro as expected!


Mimi-chan Sakura City 2year old girl

I requested daily walks, so I could get my work done with some peace of mind, and I think that it was good for both me and Gon. It's reassuring because the same sitter comes every time. From here on too please assist me.


Gon-chan Yachiyo City 14year old boy

I couldn't believe I had been gone for a week, I was so impressed, because everything seemed the same as always! Although I felt a tiny bit anxious during my trip, really, I was pleased and reassured that I had asked for a pet sitter. The next time I will ask again.


Kuro-chan Narita City 7year old girl


We offer a variety of services to make pets comfortable.
In addition to the following, please feel free to ask us anything concerning your pet's care.

Meal Preparation

Meals will be prepared as always. We are also able to do handmade meals.

Toilet Cleaning

We change toilet sheets and cat sand regularly; the toilet will be kept clean.


We follow your favorite course and enjoy the walk.


With personal contact, we play with pets.

Giving Medication to Pets

As much as possible we will fulfill your requests, so please feel free to ask us.

Watering Plants

What can be done in the allotted time we will do for the usual rates.


We take care of your precious and adorable pets in their usual environment.

Akira Serita

Akira Serita

Pet Sitter

When I lived in Los Angeles I took care of an undernourished puppy. Because of this puppy, I got to know some Japanese expats, and I heard that some of them had trouble when they had to go back to Japan, so I started volunteer pet sitting. Currently I live with an American Curl (9year old Mao) whose ears don't curl.

Midori Kato

Midori Kato

Pet Sitter

I think it’s best for pets live in a familiar house. And if when necessary you can ask someone who is trusted and accustomed to taking care of animals, that is the best I think. Maybe owners also feel the same way about the care of their beloved cats and dogs. In your place, I will take care of your beloved cats and dogs that are part of your family.



The Big Boss

I am highly intelligent. I have a pet named AKIRA. When I say meow, I get a snack, and by touching his face I train him to go under the blankets. I don't know why I'm often called impertinent. I like sharpening my nails on expensive sofas. I dislike cheap snacks.

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